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One Fun Day with Hayes Grier and Friends!

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The toys of summer are back and ready to play! Watch friends and family enjoy one fun day of water games from pop man to performing SPARK TRIXX stunts. Visit http://sea-doo.com/ ___________________________________________ Follow us Facebook: https://facebook.com/SeaDoo Twitter: https://twitter.com/BRPSeaDoo Instagram: http://instagram.com/BRPSeaDoo
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Text Comments (20)
Mohammed Ali Bens (7 months ago)
I love sea-doo 😍😍😍😍
lottsalasagna (1 year ago)
Seadoo nice machines .. Had the XP first year they came out What a blast it was
Liberty Carter (1 year ago)
Yes!!!!!! Aghhhh love you babe.
Cold Liquid HD (1 year ago)
Great Video !!!
br m (1 year ago)
I thought it was illegal to dispose of plastic waste in all U.S. waterways?
Sarah Lane (1 year ago)
Hayes makes me smile
SIlva Silva (1 year ago)
Where is this?
Liberty Carter (1 year ago)
Aziley Silva North Carolina
Stanley Denmark Jr (1 year ago)
And fun
Stanley Denmark Jr (1 year ago)
it look like y'all had a great time
Angellica Millu (1 year ago)
i love u hayes💛
Makayla Findley (1 year ago)
I love u so much Hayes
Shannon Lewis (1 year ago)
Okay Hayes idec imma leave the UK to come NC every summer, link up? 😂
natalya zaeijen (1 year ago)
I love this😍😍
clarrisa alexander (1 year ago)
That looks hella fun
Kenny Brooks (1 year ago)
Im buying a Seadoo in December! IM PUMPED! I wanna ride it from Florida to Bimini Bahamas!
Omar Rajab (1 year ago)
I bought a spark and I going to buy a spark trixx probably I am 11 years old I drive a spark full speed sport
Eric Thompson (1 year ago)
Internet Master l the just say you're spoiled lol me too. I don't want the trixx because the colours look terrible
GAR BEX (1 year ago)
My dream is to get a seadoo one day
anonymous lol (1 year ago)
GAR BEX mine 2

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