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Dope Tech: Self-Lacing Nike Mag!

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The self-lacing Back to the Future shoes are real! How to get the Nike Mag: http://news.nike.com/news/how-to-get-the-2016-nike-mag Behind the scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zI_ofzpb0s Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (3634)
HOWARD THE ALIEN (9 hours ago)
*Sees back to the future shoes*were going to the future
Back to the future
sasha banks (2 days ago)
They made these shoes three decades ago, i wonder what else are they hiding.
Ibrohim Orifov (3 days ago)
Starboy intro is LIT
BagasPlayz (4 days ago)
See guys! This is why velcros exists
SS.Deadlock (4 days ago)
I wanna buy a pair now take my £690 and buy me a pair
Keenan Hosfield (4 days ago)
I'd wear those every day. I have the hat to match and everything.
Do whatever's Fun (4 days ago)
Does it have a Home button?
1000 subs and No vids (4 days ago)
1000 subs and No vids (4 days ago)
Dammm rice 🍚 gum gonna be flexing so hard
Soy Sauce (5 days ago)
Wait a minute, if the Back to The Future Trilogy was made in 1985-1990, how was the Nike Mag present in the movie if the shoe was released in 2015? Edit: Nike made a replica of the shoes. Sorry
Xtreme Gaming Panda (5 days ago)
Starboy's the perfect song for this.
MOONCHILD (5 days ago)
I like it but I don't have money😂
Tiani Chanel (5 days ago)
smh just found out my husband JUST bought these, welp there goes our retirement fund 😒 🤦🏽‍♀️
Ok lol who fucking cares
I have a question (5 days ago)
┴┬┴┤・_・├┴┬┴ EW
weezy (6 days ago)
The problem is till now, 2019 we still dont have it in shops.
Araf Sikder (6 days ago)
Display is missing!
Hope it will have AirPods pocket ?
Do we have to charge it 😂👌
ReNzKiE (7 days ago)
Everything (7 days ago)
everyone I know says this looks ugly idk why
Watrmeln (7 days ago)
Watrmeln (7 days ago)
Watrmeln (7 days ago)
Alkopappa42069 (7 days ago)
Mark Ass Bronwlee
- Waterbuffalo6 - (8 days ago)
But if it runs out of battery... is it stuck on your foot?
SVC (9 days ago)
Shut up Mag..
Some Person (10 days ago)
Makass Brownie
Bhuvan Sharma (12 days ago)
can you give me a bike mag
LunarPixel (14 days ago)
fortnite and marques brownlee
Kim Lau (18 days ago)
Future news be like: BREAKING NEWS: A pair of Shoes blew off man's foot.
Sakura Haruno (19 days ago)
Imagine this with wireless charging
Tijn Wint (21 days ago)
I watched this like 10 times to hope they would stand next to my bed. Yup still a dream
Id take slip on nike any day..
Po1nks (24 days ago)
Cool nerd stuff but very expensive shit
Beowulf556 j (27 days ago)
Starboy intro .......i like it
Trevor Andall (28 days ago)
Samuel Parisi (1 month ago)
Those look absolutely ridiculous
Andres Marin (1 month ago)
Zapatillas para negros.????
Hazel TheOne (1 month ago)
How the hell was this posted 2016? And 2019 kids think they're progressive.
Dr Trollolol Troll (1 month ago)
Hey I heard that Marqass Brownie was in YouTube rewind.
Guest 666 (1 month ago)
If I get my hands on them, or u know own them, then I will wear em everyday
Solv Qureshi (1 month ago)
Kay piraes h
Solv Qureshi (1 month ago)
Bhai y kaha milga
Buty na budowe xd
Primal_scar _ (1 month ago)
Hehe UR mom gets up the shoes the next day you go to school in them you get home from school wearing only socks BECAUSE THEY GOT STOLEN. Your MOM'S RESPONSE : U LITTLE S*** YOU FU***** LOST THOSE EXPENSIVE F****** SHOES I'M GOING TO S*** ALL OVER UR F****** DERAMS YOU LITTLE S***!!!!! UR RESPONSE DAMN MOM CHIL
Michael Stewart (1 month ago)
Omg back to the futer
Blah blah blah (1 month ago)
I would rather tie my knock off Sneaks than pay 500$
Christopher Anderson (1 month ago)
Imagine having to charge your shoes
Ramim Bin Azam (1 month ago)
Does it have fast charging though?
Austin Squires (1 month ago)
I’d wear them I wish they make more like this
11070 (1 month ago)
imagine u run outta battery and u broke ur leg lmfao
Georgia Weir (1 month ago)
Forever Young (1 month ago)
Can those crease like other shoes?
The Cube (1 month ago)
They’re real ugly tho.
Doctor Stephen Strange (2 months ago)
But can it run CRYSIS?
NINJA gu (2 months ago)
naeem khan (2 months ago)
the buddys (2 months ago)
Why does everything in 2019 have to do with back to the future
The Cool Kid21 (2 months ago)
markas bronie
Palm Beach (2 months ago)
I need self zipping trousers👖
Chris Redfield (2 months ago)
Dont make me more lazy
Laser Tazer (2 months ago)
Whoever where’s this will get bullied
Anthony Chandler (2 months ago)
When you're filthy rich but don't know how to tie a set of laces😂🤦🏻‍♂️
robs gaming7 (2 months ago)
Intro with the Starboy instrumental?
Cassius Kahn (2 months ago)
It looks like a ski boot.
50% Off (2 months ago)
Mark ass brownie
They're ugly
M and R bandit ASMR (2 months ago)
Dang I want one pair....
Verxtraa (2 months ago)
Fortnite and marquise brownly
joseph Giordo (2 months ago)
Stupid. They dont lace like the movie. Thats idiotic
Nico Pajes (2 months ago)
Wait for the China's imitation Nike self lacing shoes!
Hazard Potato (2 months ago)
Imagine these shoes light up during a lockdown
Tianshen Xue (2 months ago)
Oh Yeah yeah (2 months ago)
oof i got an adidas ad before this video
tomik 150 (2 months ago)
I wud wear them
Jo J (2 months ago)
How to look a twat...
KennClyde (2 months ago)
If i control rewind i would like markass brownlee
Ilike Nachos10 (3 months ago)
That is so cool my gramps had trouble putting o shoes if they had more designs that fitted him he would definitely buy them
ig.chrollo.4hunidracks (3 months ago)
I can't go bruh my mf shoes is charging
Don Pesek (3 months ago)
Just simply a sad world.
Davon Singleton (3 months ago)
I want some moon shoes
NXTHXIEL (3 months ago)
c o u l d y o u p l a y b a s k e t b a l l w i t h t h e m
Alex AF (3 months ago)
Two years after this video was posted, these shoes are worth over $10,000.
Jonathan XD (3 months ago)
Air Pods + Air Mags = ????
Nightly D (3 months ago)
Just buy shoes without laces. Now you dont have to waste 10 000 dollars
Nila T (3 months ago)
Do they walk for you? If not I'll tie my own shoes thanks..
David (3 months ago)
Cutie Pie (3 months ago)
2016!! BOI IM IN 2019!!1
Aidan Chiranjiv Singh (3 months ago)
fork nut and mark ass brownie (I had too okay.)
SATAN (3 months ago)
Gacha H2OTsunami (3 months ago)
You say 'nik-e? ' i say nike like i say sike
_but does it music?_
Deekshith Poojary (2 months ago)
Nope wasted 30,000 dollars
yos doggo (3 months ago)
*_Oh wh00ps I cant go out I forgot to charge my shoes_*
Jeffrey Sun (3 months ago)
Bill Cosby (3 months ago)
Let's play a game . You must wear these shoes for 24 hours in Chicago .
tommy d u b b s (3 months ago)
Need to yank fast
DougieG (3 months ago)
a little late...
Me (3 months ago)
Only took us an extra year to create these.

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