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fashion 70s opening theme [korean drama]

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Fashion Seventies is an epic, sprawling drama, focusing on the lives of four young people, from their childhood during the Korean War, to their careers and love lives within the booming fashion world of the seventies. Young Joon-hee befriends little Kang-hee, but the two girls get into trouble because of Kang-hee's greedy mother. Joon-hee also makes friends with two boys, Dong-young, the son of a military general and Jang Bin. But when North Korean forces invade their town, both girls are separated from their parents and Joon-hee's mother is killed in an explosion. Believing his daughter to have died, Joon-hee's father adopts Kang-hee and raises her as his own daughter. Joon-hee is discovered at an orphanage by Kang-hee's mother, and is also adopted. The trauma of the events causes Joon-hee to block out her childhood memories and she grows up on a small island as Duh-mi, unaware of her true identity. Years pass and all four of their paths cross again, with complicated, destructive results. Duh-mi dreams of becoming a fashion designer, and petty criminal Jang Bin helps her move to Seoul to chase her dream. In the process he falls in love with her, but his feelings are unrequited. Duh-mi meets Dong-young, who has become an aide to the President, and although they do not recognize each other, there is an instant attraction between them. Kang-hee is also working in fashion, and already in love with Dong-young, but is heartbroken when she discovers he has fallen for Duh-mi. Fashion Seventies marks a return to acting for star Lee Yo-won, who retired from the profession after getting married. The series also stars Kim Min-jung as Kang-hee, and heartthrobs Joo Jin-mo and Chun Jung-myung as respectively, Dong-young and Jang Bin.
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