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Sea-Doo RXP-X 260: HOW TO RIDE

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http://www.sea-doo.com: The new 2012 Sea-Doo RXP-X redefines high performance on the water, the new T3 hull and ErgoLock system brings innovation in the muscle craft arena to new standards. With these innovations comes new ways to connect to the machine and exude every bit of power from the supercharged 4-TEC engine turning it and you into the ultimate performance package.
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Врр 001 (28 days ago)
Sea doo GTX limited 💪 https://youtu.be/kQx0Vq_1k50 https://youtu.be/4ELDLWzPD_U https://youtu.be/aCy8vAOlsdg https://youtu.be/IcuNam_PraI Посмотри благодарю
Preston White (2 months ago)
What is the top speed on this jet ski?
Elena Mangova (1 year ago)
seadoo rxp 260rs
Tomislav Mistric (1 year ago)
montel colebrook (2 years ago)
love it
Austin Aberle (2 years ago)
how much people can you fit on there
KING DEE (1 year ago)
Austin Aberle 2
--cLAsic-- (2 years ago)
They look amazing and are fast as hell , very stable , did I leave out they are as big as a small Bass boat.
Cold Liquid HD (2 years ago)
Good Video Like !!
kittynikki100 (2 years ago)
i was so excited to ride mine, but when i was the 2nd rider (sitting behind my husband ) i was so jumpy and seriously freaking out. lol it was my first time on any personal watercraft so i didnt know what to expect. now im scared to go on again......im crazy, right?
kodiak (3 years ago)
1 mile per gallon.....LOL
Leo Leo (4 years ago)
the color of it its just sick
Joe Kohle (5 years ago)
Joe Kohle (5 years ago)
seadootv (5 years ago)
The suspension helps absorb the bumps when riding on rough water for long distances. For open sea water we recommend the RXT-X 260 aS...you will enjoy the extra comfort!
aqeel3344 (5 years ago)
Sir which one would you say is more comfy on the open sea water, RXP-X or the RXT-X 260 aS with the suspension ?
Warrior1396 (5 years ago)
BOOMER9551 (6 years ago)
How much hp does it have?
KING DEE (1 year ago)
BOOMER9551 260. thats what the 260 stands for
rspecht63 (6 years ago)
thats sick! Great job sea-doo!

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