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Mark Isham - Men before the Mirror

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Mark Isham ( September 7, 1951,New York City) is an American trumpeter, synthesist, and Academy Award-nominated film composer. He works in a variety of genres, including jazz, electronic, and film. In 1983, he released his first solo album, Vapor Drawings. Its style is an atmospheric and deeply experimental blend of modern jazz and electronic music. It was also the first album released on the Windham Hill label to feature extensive use of synthesizers. "Men before the Mirror" is from this cd. http://www.isham.com
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Eric Modzelesky (3 years ago)
This was a sample from a trailer to Out of Africa.
Noe Berengena (4 years ago)
As Paul Roberts strongly implies, "Vapor Drawings" was a landmark album. It definitely made an impact, especially when it was first released. Its distinct music and well placed synthesizer sounds set it apart from everything else in 1983.
David Alderson (5 years ago)
imagine a sunset....a deep red orb slowly glides beneath the hills....you view a slow gradual silent sense of being...and you are hearing this...beautiful,,,,
paul fichera (6 years ago)
Correction: "Men before the Mirror" was number eleven on the "Winter" DVD.
paul fichera (6 years ago)
The "Winter" DVD was originally a LaserDisc that was, along with the other three, reissued on DVD (although I suppose not enough enthusiasm for the series warranted their returning to the original 16mm negs. to bump up the image quality). By today's dvd standards the discs are kind of on the blurry side, poor quality transfers. This song accompanied the first video and it was haunting. I wish they would rerelease the four videos on blu ray and (if possible with 16mm negs.) in HD.
bellerob (6 years ago)
you're welcome!
bellerob (8 years ago)
@TOMATNOSCE you're welcome!
bellerob (8 years ago)
@KCJazzKeys thank you for your comment, KC!
Paul Roberts (8 years ago)
I love this whole album, ("Vapor Drawings"). I used "In The Blue Distance" for one of my own videos. I love how the synthesizers on this album blend well with the acoustic trumper/flugalhorn, blurring the distictions between the two and giving a warm, lush sound throughout the entire album. Even when he plays the Steiner EVI, it still sounds "acoustic". Wonderful album, and great video to go with the music!
John Dark (8 years ago)
Hi Tiare, I see that you're credited for the art concept and liner photo on Vapor Drawings. Can you comment more on your work on the album, your relationship with Mark or with Windham Hill at the time? I'm working on a Windham Hill Discography and would love to learn more.
bellerob (8 years ago)
@MrCalpont you're welcome!
Felixdrum (8 years ago)
Thank you for posting.
bellerob (8 years ago)
@geeoh480 I wholeheartedly agree with you!
bellerob (8 years ago)
@TiareFerrari This is one of my favourite songs from Mark. And yes, I think I know that pain. Thank you for your comment!
bellerob (8 years ago)
@simsc79 you're welcome!
simsc79 (8 years ago)
Thanks for posting this online. I love listening to music like this.
jayneejames (8 years ago)
Love this one!..haven't heard it for years....thank you Mark Isham for amazing, magical pieces.....Jayne in Saint Augustine, florida.
bellerob (9 years ago)
Das kann man tatsachlich so sehen ( hören )
bellerob (9 years ago)
I agree!
Stevo Reno (9 years ago)
OFF the HOOK sound !!!! This is off the DVD called WINTER. The DVD is full of music like this. Its Like Listening to a Tranquializer !!!!!
bellerob (9 years ago)
thank you!
bellerob (9 years ago)
bellerob (9 years ago)
Merci bien!
bellerob (10 years ago)
you're welcome, goblin!
goblin1digital2 (10 years ago)
Bellerob my friend, with this theme of Mark Isham I rememberg things of my life, in my young! Thanks for posting!
bellerob (10 years ago)
thank you, shon!
Shon Barryson (10 years ago)
Excellent job, really great. 5* Best wishes. Shon
bellerob (10 years ago)
agreed! Thanks.
jetazzul (10 years ago)
excellent and a little philosophical
bellerob (10 years ago)
Bitte sehr!
bellerob (10 years ago)
you're most welcome ( again )!
bellerob (10 years ago)
je oller je doller wird wohl Dialekt Deutsch sein? Aber trifft oft zu! Vielen Dank! Thnak you! Merci! Bedankt!
bellerob (10 years ago)
Thanks, trichoone!
bellerob (10 years ago)
thanks, zrnho!
bellerob (10 years ago)
thank you, Mr Floyd!
bellerob (10 years ago)
I agree. Thanks, goblin!
bellerob (10 years ago)
thank you , same to you.
bellerob (10 years ago)
thanks for your positive comment, tiroler!
TheOwl54 (10 years ago)
Somehow fascinating, Rob ! Awesome video ! Excellent arranged imagery ! The sound is great, causing tension, catching the attention. 5***** & straight away into my favs ! Thank you ! Ute. :-)
Zrnho Correy (10 years ago)
Another excellent! track my electronic friend, great images ;)
goblin1digital2 (10 years ago)
Great music of Mark Isham! * * * * *

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