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NICE GUY SWAG- (Official Music Video)

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*****PLEASE READ******* So this video was filmed in a span of 8 months, starting in July to yesterday, February 11th. I was on and off with this video, as you can tell by the seasons changing and what not. Summer plans and school got in the way, but I'm very happy I was finally able to complete this and show the tube! Obviously this was filmed on my old camera because this video was filmed before I got my new camera. This is my first music video and I filmed this when SWAG was very popular, so yeah. Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed my swag. TWITTER | http://www.twitter.com/senorzutty SIDE CHANNEL | http://www.youtube.com/samthebro
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Text Comments (28)
Cheers Kitchen (1 year ago)
This is easily the best song ever written.
North Dakota FarmTruck (5 years ago)
whats the beat called??
blyat (5 years ago)
lol autotune
The Artoholic (2 years ago)
MrJoku867 lol who cares
Sam Snead (6 years ago)
I made it in GarageBand!
hoshjaws (6 years ago)
whats the instrumental to this?
Ali Ahmed (6 years ago)
u fucked the music man
Ali Ahmed (6 years ago)
BbyGirl Alex (6 years ago)
This Song Is Tightt !! And You Guys Are Reallyy Cute (:
SmileBySun (6 years ago)
I enjoy your swag.
Megan Hamm (6 years ago)
HAHAHAHAH love you!!!
Ashley Meadows (6 years ago)
This is wonderful lol
John Le (6 years ago)
Andy Duong was here. And he approves it.
Yonin777plus (6 years ago)
Fan Service much Still a rather awesome music video and the props must be given.
Alexis poirier (6 years ago)
Love this video and love you Sam! You'll be YouTube famous soon enough!
hoshjaws (6 years ago)
@senorzutty ohhhhhhhhhhh ok.
Sam Snead (6 years ago)
@bBoyHeretic because this was all filmed before I got my new camera
StreetFightTV (6 years ago)
Got stuck in my head
Austin Dodge (6 years ago)
This was so rad
Kyndell Pacheco (6 years ago)
Ronin579 (6 years ago)
this is awesome!!!
hoshjaws (6 years ago)
why.. why the old camera..
WhoopDeeFrickenDoo (6 years ago)
Whew! You're hot.
Lilli English (6 years ago)
i have that pink jacket! :)
McKenna Howell (6 years ago)
evan :) <3
RebornBabyPassion (6 years ago)
-3 it :) great job!!
TeennTalkk (6 years ago)
his shirt ahahaha "awesome, because i donate blood." ahahahaha
ilovmileygodhannah h (6 years ago)

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